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The History of Stedman’s

Stedman’s Medical Dictionary Online and the other Stedman’s reference products on StedmansOnline are the direct successors to the first American medical dictionary, Dr. Robley Dunglinson’s A New Dictionary of Medical Science and Literature, first published in 1833. The work continued through successive editions until the 23rd and last edition, which was edited by Thomas Lathrop Stedman, MD in 1903. Five years later, Dr. Stedman wrote a modernized version of the Dunglison dictionary. It was published in 1911 as A Practical Medical Dictionary and is now known as Stedman’s Medical Dictionary.


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Stedman's Online Dictionaries

STEDMAN'S® is the authoritative, comprehensive, and trusted brand that the medical community has relied upon for accurate medical information for over 100 years. Stedman's Online offers subscriptions to the following products, updated and enhanced regularly:

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